Glädjande nyheter från OPPO


Gillar du inte ColorOS, eller vill du prova en renare Android-upplevelse? I så fall bör denna nyheten glädja dig. 

Från OPPO’s forum:

Hey O-Fans,


I’ve promised more updates just two days ago, so let’s start with a BIG one! Today we are demoing an early version of our AOSP ROM on a Find 7 during Big Android BBQ in Texas, so now it’s time to give our community an update on what’s going on behind the scenes. We hope you will like this new direction!


ColorOS is a highly customized system with a robust set of features as well as a clean and friendly design that is well received by the majority of our customers, especially in Asia. We started development on our Find 5 with ColorOS 1.0 based on Android 4.2 and our newest version is ColorOS 2.1 based on Android 5.1, delivering an excellent user experience to our customers worldwide.
We have found, however, that customer tastes between regions and user groups differ considerably. Smartphone enthusiasts who typically interact with us through online channels, as well as our customers outside of Asia typically have a strong preference towards an operating system that is closer to stock Android.


The benefits of Stock Android are speed, clean design, fast updates between Android versions and an adherence to the newest developments of Google’s Android. Adopting a purely stock Android system would come at the expense of losing some key enhancements from our side however, including industry-leading imaging and audio enhancements (Pure Image, MaxxAudio, Dirac HD), as well as screen-off gestures.


OPPO therefore decided to combine the best of both worlds by developing a near-stock system for key OPPO devices, and adding only the most requested ColorOS features to it. This system will be called OPPO’s AOSP ROM to clearly signal its origins.


Who is this for?
The AOSP ROM is for enthusiasts who like tinkering with their phones and want fast Android version updates directly from OPPO, together with with key enhancements on top of what stock Android has to offer. For customers who are looking for a pleasant and hassle-free experience out of the box, ColorOS will continue to be supported just like before as the default system for all OPPO phones. The AOSP ROM is an additional option then, rather than a replacement.


What phones are supported?
The first device to receive our new AOSP ROM will be the Find 7 based on Android 5.1. Private beta testing is already in progress, and our first public version is expected later this month. This will be followed by the R5 and R5s. Android M updates, and updates to the OPPO R7 series are expected in early 2016.


What are the key features?
Easy installation: Getting our AOSP system will be as easy as downloading it to an applicable phone and installing it from our stock recovery.
Smooth, near-stock Android experience.
Key ColorOS features are retained: Pure Image (ColorOS camera app), screen off gestures, and MaxxAudio (Find 7/7a only).

Why not Marshmallow right away?

The AOSP project for us is in an early stage, and we are still learning. We rely heavily on the support of our partners, such as Qualcomm for developing Marshmallow drivers for their chipsets we use in our phones. It will take some time until these are ready, and therefore Marshmallow development couldn’t start yet. Still, we wanted to let users experience our new direction with a few Lollipop builds and get some feedback regarding our AOSP initiative. If the community loves our new AOSP ROMs, we expect to put more weight behind it and speed up development.


Will this void my warranty?
Warranty for devices sold over or Amazon in Europe will not be impacted. Customers who bought their phones anywhere else, such as a store in Asia, Africa or Latin-America, should consult their local resellers for more information. If in doubt, please always consult local resellers first, as we cannot make any guarantees for them.


By the community, for the community
OPPO has always had a strong focus on its users and our community of O-Fans. These enthusiastic usershave asked for a ROM that was built for international users, independently of our Chinese ColorOS, and we finally decided to give it a go. We chose to build the AOSP ROM based on the feedback of this community, listening to what users think is important and getting rid of what isn’t. With this new strategy we hope to deliver a system that will give enthusiasts the freedom and faster upgrades they are looking for.